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  • What I care about is that my friends know they are beautiful

    Much of my life has been about trying to fix myself when nothing was wrong. Even when people reflected back on a benevolent or beautiful image of myself I held onto ‘Jeannie is broken’.


    I now know that there was never anything wrong with me and besides shouting it from the rooftops I want to lift my friends in the same way. I have also discovered that it is possible to see beauty in everyone when they speak from their authentic self about something life-affirming.


    I invite you to be a part of the movement.


    If you would like to contribute, please send us a photo of yourself and a short video between 1-2 mins where you share something that touches your heart. It can be anything as long as it moves you. Please trust that it will move us as well.


    Then simply WhatsApp your video and photo to 07786 995399 or email to jeannie@realrevolutionhealing.co.uk. We will then upload your media to our website and Instagram page.


    Looking forward to welcoming you to the 'My Friends Are Great' family.


    Love and thanks,


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